What is the 2020 series schedule?

February 29, March 14, March 21, April 4, April 11, April 26, May 2 and June 13-14.  To register, go to coacho.com and select the meet date to begin.

What time do the meets start?

Unless otherwise noted on the meet schedule, gates open at 7:00 a.m., and events may start as early as 8:00 a.m.

Who can participate?

Anyone can enter these developmental meets. Clubs, elementary, middle and high school students, and home-schooled and unattached athletes are all welcome. All ages are welcome, and neither AAU nor USATF membership is required.

Is USATF or AAU membership required?

No. These are developmental (non-qualifying) meets. 

Is there a limit on the number of events an athlete can enter?

No, athletes may enter as many events as they'd like per meet. The entry fee allows for unlimited entries.  One exception is the Spring League Championships meet where entries are limited by age group using USATF competition rules. 

How much does it cost to enter each meet?

The entry fee is $13 per athlete per meet. The entry fee allows for unlimited events. Entry and spectator fees defray costs for facility rental, custodial hours, security, event crew, medals and awards, FAT timing, online registration, implements, and event supplies. Thank you for your support.

Is there a separate fee for relays?

No. The $13 entry fee is a flat fee that covers all events, including relays. 

What is the gate/spectator fee?

The gate fee is $5 per person, cash, or $5.50 per person, debit or credit card. The following persons enter without charge: registered athletes, USATF officials, event volunteers, and persons under age 6 and over age 65.  Entry and spectator fees defray costs for facility rental, custodial hours, security, event crew, medals and awards, FAT timing, online registration, implements, and event supplies. Thank you for your support.

Are coaches charged an entry fee?

Coaches of clubs with 3-9 entries are entitled to one band for free entry; 10-19 entries, 2 bands; 20-29 entries, 3 bands; 30-39 entries, 4 bands, and 40+ entries, 5 bands.

Are coaches permitted in and around the competition venues during competition?

Absolutely. Coaches may remain infield and in the proximity of field event venues throughout the meet to observe, instruct, and otherwise coach their athletes - provided they do not interfere with the progression of the meet.  One exception is the Spring League Championships where coaches are expected to remain outside the competition venues. 

Is club membership required?

No. Club affiliation is not required. Athletes not affiliated with a club should register as "unattached" when registering at coacho.com.

Is there an age minimum?

No.  Athletes of any age may compete in the meets. Competition age is determined by the athlete's age as of December 31 of the year. For example, an athlete with a July 1st birth date may be 12 years old as of March 1, but will compete as a 13 year old because he will be 13 as of December 31st of that year. 

Are age groups combined in competition?

Yes, on occasion. In instances where there are few athletes in a single age division, efficiency may dictate combining age divisions to form a single heat. Even so, athletes will be awarded medals within their respective age divisions. 

Who gets medals and awards?

At each meet, athletes finishing in first, second and third place, in each event, in each age division, by gender, receive gold, silver and bronze medals.


At the end of the season, clubs finishing in first, second and third place receive championship trophies, and qualifying athletes receive awards - including Track Excellence, Field Excellence, Most Improved, and Record Breaker. 

Are starting blocks required?

Starting blocks are required for athletes age 15 and older; starting blocks are optional for athletes age 14 and younger. Starting blocks are provided at every meet. Athletes may bring their own starting blocks. 

Are implements provided?

Shot puts, discuses, and 300g and 450g javelins are provided, although athletes may bring their own implements. All other javelins (600g and up) and poles must be provided by the athletes.

What are the competition rules?

Tracklab relies on the USATF Competition Rules unless otherwise stated on the meet schedule. 

Are there uniform restrictions?

No. Uniforms are not required. Athletes may wear singlets, shorts, speed suits, sweatpants, leggings, tights, short- or long-sleeved shirts, coats, jackets, hats, headbands, gloves, wristbands, scarves and/or any other clothing desired to stay cool or warm. Sunglasses and jewelry are not prohibited. Athletic shoes are required. Spikes are permitted but are not required. Headphones are not permitted during competition.

When/where are meet results posted?

A FAT timing system is used to record performance marks and times. During the meet, results are available at the awards desk and the timer's website. After the meet, final results are posted here and submitted to athletic.net and gamilesplit.com.  

Is there late registration?

Yes. Registration after the deadline is permitted but, depending on the size of the meet, athletes may be limited to field events, relays, and events without lane assignments (800m and up). A $5 late fee will be added to the entry fee.

Can changes be made to event entries after registration?

Yes, but depending on the size of the meet, athletes may be limited to field events, relays, and events without lane assignments (800m and up); laned events may be added if there are open lanes. There is no fee for adding events. 

Is USATF or AAU membership required?

No. These are developmental (non-qualifying) meets and do not require USATF or AAU membership to enter.

How do we register friends for April's No Break meet?

For each athlete you register in CoachO, you can add one friend. Add the friend and select events like any other athlete.  Submit all entries for payment, but do not pay for the friends. Example: You have 10 athletes on your roster plus 3 friends. Your total is $169.00 ($13.00 x 13) but you will pay $130.00 ($169.00-$39.00). The $39.00 will be waived. 

Who do we contact in the event of an emergency?

For matters requiring immediate attention, contact the General Manager at (404) 895-3112 or the Operations Manager at (404) 936-2846 or operations@tracklab.events.


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