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Sheena Owens
Sheena Owens

Hello. I would like to share my experience using a new project cost estimating tool that I recently discovered. As a project manager in an IT company, accurately estimating costs and time to complete tasks is critical to the success of our projects. So when I learned about a new tool from DevDone that promises instant project cost estimation using artificial intelligence, I was quite intrigued. So what makes this tool so attractive? First, its ability to generate quick and accurate project cost estimates. Using AI, it analyzes project parameters and provides an estimate within minutes, allowing us to plan and make decisions quickly. Secondly, this tool is intuitive and easy to use. Even those members of our team who do not have specialized technical education can easily master it and obtain the necessary information for our project. Additionally, I am impressed by the flexibility of this tool. It is able to adapt to different types of projects and provide estimates for both large and small tasks. This allows us to effectively manage the full range of projects we work with.


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