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[TODAY@] Today: Roughriders vs Alouettes live stream 11 August 2023

However, while the Big Four champion got an automatic berth to the Grey Cup final, until 1954 the WIFU's champion had to play in a semi-final against the champion of the Ontario Rugby Football Union (ORFU)–by then, the only amateur union still competing for the Grey Cup. The ORFU withdrew from Grey Cup competition after the 1953 season, and the WIFU champion was given an automatic berth in the Grey Cup final. For this reason, 1954 is reckoned as the start of the modern era of Canadian football, in which the Grey Cup has been exclusively contested by professional teams.

Penalties could also include forfeited draft picks. [152] On June 29, 2010, a new collective bargaining agreement was ratified that raised the salary cap to $4. 25 million for the 2010 CFL season and continued to increase by $50, 000 each season until 2013. [153] In 2014, a new CBA was ratified and the salary cap was raised to $5 million per team, with that amount increasing again by $50, 000 each year until 2018.

Roughriders vs Alouettes live strea | CVX


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